• Portrait Analysis Server
    SenseNets Technology Ltd. (“SenseNets”), a NetPosa-controlled company that engages in application of AI technologies in the security and protection field, is committed to in-depth exploration of the value of videos, an
  • Dynamic Face Recognition System
    With world-leading technology in the field of deep learning, SenseNets boasts mature technology and business and much market experience in the security industry. The company takes vitalizing video value as its mission. I
  • Video Detection Car
    The video detection car is a special type of vehicle specially designed for use in mobile case investigation and solving. When it comes to investigating the case in practice, the video investigation car can play its role
  • Video Big Data Combat Application Platform
    The video big data combat application platform, a product especially designed for crime investigation users and applicable to a wide range of application platforms, can provide applications such as structuralized analysi
  • Police Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    The police unmanned aerial vehicle is known for a combination of functions like image collection, 3D modeling and tracking and control of objects. The equipment applies to on-site investigation, high-altitude investigati
  • Video Image Information Management System
    The video image information management system serves as a product used for uniform storage and application management of the videos, pictures, and the suspicious person and vehicle concerned in investigating and coping w
  • Police Image Processing System
    During the formation of images for video surveillance equipment, problems including failure to effectively extract key information about the object in the video image and image blur caused by the reduced video image qual
  • VIA-Mobile Video Intelligent Control System
    The product is made up of the front-end camera, transmitting/receiving equipment, ground station and intelligent analysis terminal device. Supported by microwave and 4G transmission, the product receives and transmits mo
  • SRS-On-site Environmental Information Reconstruction System
    The product is composed of the full-frame prospecting instrument and on-site environmental information reconstruction equipment for individual police. With data from multi-source maps including the panoramic view, orthog
  • CCS Mobile Video Command System
    The mobile video command system relies on the mobile network to realize a real-time presentation of information such as audio and video data, instant communication information and location information produced by the per
  • MCS Monitoring Point Information Acquisition System
    As a product aimed to collect a large amount of information including the monitoring point in a rapid way by using the intelligent police terminal, the monitoring point information acquisition system is characterized by
  • Spatio-Temporal Analyzer Professional Edition
    The spatio-temporal analyzer professional edition, based on the video structuralization algorithm of deep learning, comes as an upgraded version of the standard edition, whether in function or hardware. GPU processor is
  • Time and Space Analysis Standard Edition
    The time and space analysis standard edition adopts the design of a portable suitcase. It is able to avoid the vibrations, dust and humidity in the process of transportation, adapt to the 7X24 working model in various en
  • Kuaicaitong
    high-speed download for a variety of digital video monitoring and recording equipment (such as DVR, NVR, IP and SAN). It supports simultaneous operation of multiple digital video monitoring and recording equipment, inclu
  • Internet Human Intelligence Management Platform
    Targeting at police users, the platform realizes the police-public interaction application based on the internet, under which the public submits information clues to police, while police conveys the information of police
  • Police Big-Data Platform
    The platform is oriented towards users in criminal investigation, information, anti-terrorism, scientific and technical information, and other departments. Based on the structuralized data of video image, it is a data co
  • Vehicle Big Data Platform
    The Vehicle Big-Data Platform (PVD) is a comprehensive big data combat platform built on the information-based demands for public security vehicle management. Supported by cloud computing, big data analysis, deep learnin
  • Hyper-convergence Live-action Command System
    It is a scene and grid-based three-dimensional prevention and control system built on the Internet of Things, augmented reality, smart analysis, GIS, big data and software integration, and other advanced technologies. By
  • Smart Community Security and Protection System
    This system is mainly oriented towards municipal and district-level police users, realizes the collection and convergence of basic data within the administrative area, such as actual population, actual housing, actual un
  • Matrix Network Control Keyboard
    PVG-Netkeyboard is a network control keyboard supporting PVG network video management platform. Through the keyboard, operator can choose different camera to display in different monitors while carrying out operations su
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