NetPosa Successfully Goes Public on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

NetPosa’s management and directors gathered together in Shenzhen on January 29, 2014, the day before the Chinese New Year’s eve, looking forward to witnessing the historical moment of NetPosa’s successful listing.

Early in the morning, Chairman Liu Guang put on the business suit bought especially for the listing ceremony and led the vigorous team of NetPosa to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). Although the SZSE provides for that to simplify the listing ceremony, no more than 20 people of each company are allowed to enter, the enthusiasm of NetPosa people wasn’t stopped at all. Even they couldn’t step in the SZSE and see the listing ceremony in person, they still waited outside of the door and solemnly anticipated the arrival of the moment.

After the leader of the SZSE and representatives of various public companies delivered speeches, the SZSE presented a bronze bull as souvenir to imply “bull market” to each listed company. At that moment, there were only ten minutes before the opening of the stock market of that every day. Each of the leaders of the seven listed companies, including Chairman Liu Guang, held copper mallet in hand and stood before the copper bell of the SZSE. When the large screen read “Please Ring the Bell”, the seven leaders rang the copper bell before them which declars the listing. The rounded and thick ring was resounded in the lobby of the SZSE until the screen popped up the opening price of the seven companies on the first day. Excitedly, NetPosa’s opening price, RMB59.88, ranked the first among those companies going public on the same day from the beginning, and it remained red all the way and reached the largest increase threshold of the morning within less than half an hour until reaching the upper limit.

This pointed to the recognition of the capital market on NetPosa and also stood for investors’ high anticipation on NetPosa. With the anticipations, NetPosa’s stock price secured its bull market like the bronze bull presented by the SZSE, experienced two times of reaching daily limits, and rushed to a point never seen in the industrial peers at the time of re-opening. By the closing of the day, NetPosa rose by 44.01% and closed at RMB71.86.




Group photo of Chairman Liu Guang, directors, supervisors, senior executives, shareholder representatives and intermediaries at the listing ceremony

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