Liu Guang: Grasp the Essence of Smart City and Internet of Things with Internet Thinking


Liu Guang, Chairman of NetPosa, delivered the first speech on the 11th China Security Forum on October 30, 2013. Under the title of “Grasp the Essence of Smart City and Internet of Things with Internet Thinking”, he analyzed the revolution in product concept brought about by internet thinking and touched upon the ways of looking upon the future reformation and subversion of the security and protection industry from the perspective of internet development, re-summarizing the building of smart city, transiting and migrating to the ecosphere of mobile internet, and re-examining the development of smart city and Internet of Things based on the rapid iteration and evolution of wearable  devices.


Liu Guang noted that “from the perspective of a software company, I am afraid to say I have the internet thinking, but I am willing to learn and understand, and I have tried to think with my internet thinking and knowledge on how will these ways of thinking affect the development of smart city … We will no longer invite bids and operate smart city as a complicated project by using traditional methods and vague concepts. Rather, we should jointly built the eco-chain of mobile internet and solidly develop portable devices and applications.” During his speech, he shared with the audience the ways of internet thinking, including “perception surplus”, “free-of-charge: the future of commerce”, “crowd funding and crowd-sourcing”, “out-of-control: new biology of machine, society and economy”. He proposed to consider user experience from the perspective of users and re-examine the development of smart city projects with the concept of internet product managers, learn the mode and way of thinking of internet products, and learn from XIAOMI, LETV and others which regard product and service as an organic life entity.


His speeches sparked the applauses and hot discussions of the audience. The attendees took photos with their mobile phone, iPad and other mobile devices, with a view to digesting and absorbing the contents related to internet thinking in the PPT. Regarding the questions raised by present spectators, Liu Guang said it’s necessary to make the best of “perception surplus” and other modes of thinking. It’s unpractical to monopolize the market in an out-of-control system; rather, competition on an open platform is feasible. In the new security and protection industry, traditional manufacturers will be faced with tremendous transition, while each industry will be in for evolution, in different ways, though.


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