Video Big Data Combat Application Platform



The video big data combat application platform, a product especially designed for crime investigation users and applicable to a wide range of application platforms, can provide applications such as structuralized analysis of massive videos, cleaning and gathering of sensory data, GIS-based visualized search of resources, deduction and analysis of data relationship, and search for and control of key objects, aside from step-by-step big data analysis service support for the early-warning, prevention and control. Besides, the product has the ability to realize a deep integration between the police investigation system resources and procedures. This fills the gap left by the traditional video investigation platform, with the emergence of a new model for the video investigation combat application platform.


The platform supports a remote interaction between the local video and third-party resources. Backed by the cloud architecture design on the basis of cloud computing, index and storage, the standard modularized service is packaged into an independent application, through which standard application front-end is available on the application layer according to the multi-level organization architecture, ending up with an integrated combat model for application deployment.


1.Video Structuralization

The system allows a structuralized analysis of the human face, vehicle, human body, etc. in the video, and thus realizes unified data storage after transmitting the data to the view library.

2.Control & Alert

Based on different requirements for the controlled object and monitoring scenarios, and in combination with practical business applications, there is a targeted control analysis of the person and vehicle involved.

3.Associated Analysis of View Library

The case-related information library mainly contains the following functions: case list, management of the person, vehicle, material evidence and scenario involved in the case, management of associated cases, automatic connection between cases, resource library, pictures and videos involved in the case, and performance statistics.

4.Suspect Analysis Strategy

With the aid of the structuralized analysis, the platform makes a comparison and analysis of the human face and body feature, digs into the associated information of relevant persons, and provides the corresponding processing tools to handle the complicated work in searching for a suspect.

5.Vehicle Analysis Strategy

By digging deep into the passage of large numbers of vehicles through the electronic and virtual monitory gateway system, and applying a multitude of strategies, the user can have access to a whole set of complete and professional toolkit. In this way, operations like trace analysis, gang member analysis and collision comparison can be carried out on special vehicles. Hence, the investigators can narrow down a large number of suspicious vehicles, with increased working efficiency and more clues for investigating and solving the case.

6.Visualized Command

The mobile network lays a foundation for a real-time audio/video communication between the front line and command center, which helps ensure the smooth message delivery and feedback between them and therefore raise the command efficiency by means of visualized information, data and on-site technologies.

7.Three-dimensional Analysis

In accordance with the multi-source map data, a 3D display of the on-site information from multiple angles and dimensions, such as aerial, ground and on-site, is realized to facilitate the stereoscopic analysis.


1.Large-scale Highly-efficient Video Computing

The platform features specially designed computing of both small data high-concurrency and large database comparison. It supports CPU+GPU accompanied by the dedicated hardware with higher efficiency; and includes more means like blur retrieval sub-system and video retrieval.

2.Multi-level Networking of Massive Data

The complicated connected network (Internet/private network/Intranet) oriented at various levels (province/city/prefecture/county) offers various forms of data collection and distribution (database/equipment/platform), apart from unified output services including multi-node aggregation, multi-level networking, heterogeneous protocol conversion, data cleaning and information standardization. All this serves to solve problems of data cascading, aggregation and sharing failure among vast amounts of data for different factories, organizations and devices.

3.Multi-dimensional Data Analysis & Mining

The independently researched and developed big data (the big data industry is worth RMB100 billion) platform is devoted to the processing and analysis of large bodies of information and offers high-performance data cleaning and computing, super large-scale information mining and analysis, and seamless storage expansion capability under various circumstances.

4.Abundant Study, Judgment and Analysis tools

A wide assortment of study and judgment tools are supported, including facial application, vehicle application, video processing and big data analysis, which can be used in flexible proportions in the light of user needs.

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