Police Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


The police unmanned aerial vehicle is known for a combination of functions like image collection, 3D modeling and tracking and control of objects. The equipment applies to on-site investigation, high-altitude investigation and large-scale security activities. It is useful in realizing the effect of stereoscopic investigation and visualized command in the on-site environmental information reconstruction system and mobile video command system.


30x Optical Zoom High-definition Camera

The imported megapixel high-definition camera with 30x electrical optical zoom lens is able to shoot 1080P full HD videos and realize a long-range photograph. The drone can not only carry out a global monitoring but also obtain local details.

3D Oblique Camera

An oblique photograph of true 3D data can really reflect the attributes of the surface features like appearance, location and height, and create a better highly-immersive experience brought by the 3D data, making up for the deficiencies of traditional artificial modeling with a low degree of simulation.

In the meanwhile, using the drone equipped with an oblique camera can help greatly improve the efficiency of the oblique camera through a fast terrain modeling.

High-altitude Thermal Imager

The real-time high-altitude thermal imager takes advantage of the thermal imaging principle to reflect the 1/1000℃ temperature difference and identify the shelter in disguise, which can be used for night tracking, reconnoiter, search and rescue, etc.


Stable flight

The system adopts a multitude of support arms of a directly-connected structure, which enables a more stable flight trajectory and thus avoids the video shakes caused by flight jolts.

Long endurance

The system frame made up of high-strength carbon fiber materials has the ability to prolong the flight endurance time effectively while ensuring the mechanical strength.

Easy operations

The system keeps pace with the GPS and supports the fully-autonomous high-precision positioning and tracking flight. It can realize automated landing and return flight at a fixed time as per the preset landing pad, with easier operations for the user and enhanced safety of applications.

Quality services

With a two-week training of operations by professional pilots, including flight exercises with free access to the special machine, one is able to learn how to operate the machine.


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