Video Image Information Management System


The video image information management system serves as a product used for uniform storage and application management of the videos, pictures, and the suspicious person and vehicle concerned in investigating and coping with a case. The system supports an associated comparison of various connected cases, i.e. means are available for a detailed comparison of identical and similar cases, in order to facilitate the handling of both major and small cases. Through the system, problems including complicated storage operations in traditional mobile hard disk and optical disk, great difficulty in looking up data and failure of rapid application in the later period are solved.


1. Case Management

The system allows the user to add, delete or change the case information, including its name, nature, the time and place of the crime, progress of the case investigation, and case description. All the information can be input, edited and retrieved for the convenience of case connection and management based on the input information.

2. Associated Comparison

The system offers a wide variety of means (such as similarity in face and vehicle, and collision analysis of key words) to compare the case-related information, in order to help the user find out cases with the same or similar content before making an associated comparison.

3. All-out Retrieval

The system allows a full-text retrieval of all data information stored in the platform. Meanwhile, in the case of hierarchical deployment, the higher authority has access to the platform data of the low-level authority for a full-text retrieval.

4. Data Statistics

The function of data statistics offers a way to exhibit the statistical statement about the number of cases an authority is responsible for by means of distribution diagram, tendency chart and other charts. The statistical result can serve as a part of the reporting content or performance appraisal in routine video investigation work.


1. Video Encoding Compatibility

The product is compatible with over 80 video file formats and over 800 video file encoding means available on the market, and thus able to decode and play most video recording files, which puts an end to the low efficiency in playing videos.

2. Big Data-based Comprehensive Analysis, Study and Judgment of Clues

Video retrieval, video editing, image annotations, comparison of associated cases and other video investigation aids in the system are useful for the investigators to find out potential clues in the videos.

At the same time, information sharing with other police systems, such as the video investigation cloud platform, integrated command system, facial recognition system, intelligent mobile control system, PGIS system, integrated police management system, and fingerprint system, contributes to a comprehensive analysis, study and judgment of the case clues, accelerating the pace of case solving.

3. Within-seconds Lookup of Massive Data

The system provides a unified standard for video storage management. Standardized management of cases makes it quicker and more convenient to retrieve and look up massive data.

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