Police Image Processing System



During the formation of images for video surveillance equipment, problems including failure to effectively extract key information about the object in the video image and image blur caused by the reduced video image quality may exist. To tackle such problems, the police image processing system combines the collection, processing, analysis and materialized management of images into an integral whole, and thus emerges as a professional tool for processing videos, sequential images, single image and special objects (human face, and vehicle type and plate number). On this basis, the system provides strong support for video investigation users in terms of comprehensive image analysis and materialized processing.


According to the type of image processing, the function of the police image processing system falls into conventional processing and advanced processing.

Conventional Processing

Geometric image transformation, image filtering, image operation, image enhancement, image conversion, feature extraction and morphological operation, among other functions available in conventional processing, can bring a better visual effect in a way that would display the images to the taste of the user.

Advanced Processing

With functions like super resolution, fuzzy image processing, image restoration, image fusion, noise processing, color processing, figure reconstruction, image defogging, color separation, and low-illumination image enhancement, the advanced processing can change the location, luminance, color, etc. of the pixel in the original images, so as to reconstruct these images and have access to information failing to be obtained.



The professional research team makes a continuous research and development to increase the quality of video surveillance images, with a continued improvement of the product’s algorithm performance.


Different algorithm portfolios using the computation techniques are performed to tackle the poor image quality caused by a variety reasons in the field of video investigation applications, bringing a more targeted and efficient system in algorithm.


The system offers a wide range of functions to enable easy operations by the user. Both the traversal-pattern and one-click operations lead to higher system availability.

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