VIA-Mobile Video Intelligent Control System



The product is made up of the front-end camera, transmitting/receiving equipment, ground station and intelligent analysis terminal device. Supported by microwave and 4G transmission, the product receives and transmits mobile videos and video surveillance images in wireless mode, resulting in a rapid deployment and intelligent control of the suspicious object.


1.Flexible Control

The front-end camera in multiple types and styles features a flexible control with an acquisition of high-precision audio/video signals;

2.Video Transmission

The means of microwave and 4G transmission is able to haul back the audio/video data in a stable and highly-efficient way.

3.Video Receiving

With the built-in all-in-one equipment for wireless receiving, operations like receiving/transmitting cable images and parallel preview and recording of audio signals and video data can be carried out simultaneously.

4.Facial Control

When the face of the person appearing in the video matches that of the person under surveillance upon a real-time comparison, an alert will be triggered.

5.Vehicle Control

When the vehicle seen in the video matches the vehicle under surveillance upon a real-time comparison, an alert will be triggered.

6.Scenario Control

It is supported to set up the surveillance equipment of any shape in the controlled area to automatically test the relevant person, vehicle or other moving objects, with a real-time display.



The front-end camera of a small size and high concealment is suitable for a wide assortment of application scenarios such as temporary surveillance and close-range shot.


The product adopts the design of a portable toolbox and inside its case is a variety of highly integrated professional equipment, making the deployment easy and convenient.

3.Strong anti-jamming ability

The system employs advanced wireless image transmission technologies and is capable of avoiding interference from all kinds of factors with the bandwidth large and power adjusted reasonably.

Intelligent control: The intelligent back-end analysis system is available for an intelligent control of the relevant person, vehicle and scenario, reducing the burden on manpower.

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