PVG-VS818F Network Video Coder and Decoder (CODEC)


PVG-VS818F Network Video CODEC is the integration of audio and video collection, compression of coding and decoding, network transmission, remote client visit control and inputting and outputting control. It adopts the universal H.264 video compression and G.711 audio compression technologies to realize the single frame playing featured by high image quality and low code rate. With the built-in design, it enjoys high security and reliability while possessing the advanced controlling technology and powerful network data transmission capacity.



1. High credibility

  • Fully built-in system which experienced a strict test, featuring with high stability to meet the industrial application demand.

2. High usability

  • First multi-path D1 coder and decoder in industry. The product supports 1-path, 2-path, 4-path and 8-path D1 coding. Equipped with network gateway, its high concentration can greatly save the user’s investment and machine room area;

  • Supports multiple paths of signals of audio and video. Each audio and video signal is compressed by independent hardware in real time and voice and image maintain a stable synchronization; 

  • Through the upgrade, it supports the intelligent video content analysis, including: Invasion detection, remnant alarm, personnel intensity and car license identification, etc.

  • Expandable multiple decoding agreements can achieve the PTZ and dome camera control;

  • Good real-time performance of compression and extraction with the total time-delay of coding and decoding less than 150ms;

  • Storage data adopts special format; the data cannot be manipulated to ensure the security;

  • The powerful DSP processing capacity; the software realizes H.264 coding and decoding which can upgrade when the standard changes and add new functions when new standard appears. It is convenient for a flexible upgrade for the product to provide the product’s life cycle.


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