NP-NVR5324 Storage-type Network Hard Disk Recorder


NP-NVR5324 is a professional storage-type 24-disk position NVR with the integration of NVR and 24 standard disk arrays. It adopts new Platinum high-efficiency duel redundant power supply. The speed of reading and writing of RAID controller reaches 6GB/s. It supports SAS or SATA hard disk hot plug; 4TB SATA hard disk; 96TB storage capacity of single machine at maximum.

t adopts POSA (Pluggable Objects and Services Architecture) video middleware technology with independent intellectual property, featuring with high stability, high reliability and widely digital compatibility. It supports the access of 5 million high definition (HD) camera and concurrent storage and video-on-play of images.

With the combination of client software, it can completely achieve the digital recording and playback. It supports various storage plans and recording methods and simultaneous playback on multiple screens. It has the unique frame tagging function and supports multi-condition search and inquiry, providing a good foundation for the application of intelligent video monitoring.



  • The single machine can install 24 3.5-inch SAS or SATA hard disks at most. It supports mixed insertion mode of hard disks with different capacity. It supports SSD solid hard disk and hard disk hot plug;

  • It adopts built-in operating system developed by Linux platform. The system can rapidly and stably start without hard disk, soft drive or CD-ROM drive;

  • It adopts hardware disk array controllers and the speed of reading and writing of RAID reaches 6GB/s. It supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 to provide the safety and server-grade stability and ensure the security of image data. The randomly-provided storage software can help users conveniently configure and manage the disk array;

  • It can provide remote client software to configure and manage to realize various functions, including live-streaming broadcast, recording and video-on-play, and the concentrated management of storage.

  • It can rapidly configure the event rule for mobile detection and switching value;

  • It supports functions of e-map;

  • Specially-designed code stream processing cache algorithm and streaming media structure ensure the stable code stream of recording and the reliable transmission in the network so as to avoid packet loss of recording data due to the network failure;

  • It adopts ROFS video file system with independent intellectual property, efficiently solving problems that ordinary document system cannot solve. For example, the low efficiency in scanning disk files/cleaning old recordings/searching and the long formatting;

  • It adopts high-efficiency duel Platinum brand power supply module set, realizing the converting efficiency as high as 94 percent, conserving energy and protection environment while reducing the self-heat dissipation of the power supply itself, leading to a more reliable operation of the device. Users can change power supply module set without cutting out the power;

  • It owns two gigabit Ethernet ports and the data port supports the switch between the link aggregation and dynamic failure, enhancing the reading and writing bandwidth of data while ensuring the safety and unblocking of data path;

  • Outstanding heat dissipation system. The internal part adopts hot plug temperature-control fan to adjust the revolving speed according to the case temperature, ensuring the stable operation of functional modules such as each hard disk, controller module and systematic service;

  • Built-in environment monitoring unit continuously provides high-reliable monitoring for storage system. It can precisely monitor the internal power supply, heat dissipation and case temperature and the temperature of each hard disk of the storage system in real time. If abnormality of system occurs, the environment controller can timely alarm for management.

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