Universal Server


Based with module design, PVG Server x806 is a two-path 2U server providing customers with high efficiency, low power consumption and best heat dissipation with Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 series of CPU. It provides flexible configuration selection to meet the increasing server demand of customers no matter the enterprise data center or developing enterprise application.



High Credibility

  • Various hard disk carrier matches various disk backboard and “1+1+1” module combination method increase the choices for customers. Different configuration combination is more flexible, optimizes cost and protects customer investment while providing several ordinary and platinum power choices. It also supports PMBUS power and perfectly supports Intel’s latest DPNM 2.0 technology;

  • Specially designed wind flow control system can effectively avoid hot projection effect, solve the heat dissipation problem in narrow space of 2U server, obviously improve the product’s durability and reliability while effectively reducing system power consumption.

High Usability

  • In the aspect of memory, it adopts the latest DDR4 memory technology and supports 1.28T capacity at the maximum. Higher intensity and larger capacity can provide a better performance for enterprise visualization and business processing;

  • Allows devices to adjust status according to load dynamics. When users’ application needs a higher performance, it can increase the processor frequency to above nominal value so as to increase the application performance. According to the test, it can increase the performance by 12 percent at the maximum;

  • Significantly reduce system power consumption combined with platinum-grade high-efficiency power supply. Taking a device with the actual power consumption of 300W as an example, its inputting power can reduce 15 percent to obviously reduce the operating fees.


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