“Video Investigation 2.0” of NetPosa: The Engine to Drive the Industrial Intellectualization of Video Investigation

With the explosive development of technologies such as Cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence and the proposal of concepts such as smart police, the era of “smart security” quietly arrives. Nowadays, public security technology represented by video investigation, as one of the most important technologies of informatization investigation, plays a significant role in aspects including social security and maintenance of stability and case detection. Previously, there were insufficiencies on integrating video materials. Meanwhile, problems such as limited accuracy of video recognition resulting from technical restriction and large consumption of investigation manpower severely impacted the application of smart security in actual combat scenarios. Presently, with the technical development of Internet of Things, big data and Cloud computing, these problems will be gradually solved in combination with the deep exploration of applications in different scenarios.

In 2018, Smartspyeye, the wholly-owned subsidiary of NetPosa, introduced a brand-new upgraded overall solution – “Video Investigation 2.0”. The solution includes products such as quick video collector, scene rebuild system, onsite video survey information collection system, police drone and its mounts, DEEP APE, intelligent analysis system for mobile deployment and control and video scout vehicle. It builds a perfect data closed loop for visualizing information from the collection, three-dimensional modeling, analysis, processing to police alert processing.

Scene rebuild system

The overall solution of “Video Investigation 2.0” combines advanced technologies such as big data, Cloud computing, Internet of Things and the Internet while effectively integrating video investigation with onsite exploration, intelligence, technical investigation, network detection and data strings. It has the following features. First of all, its back end can not only see the traditional video data but also analyze the storage of vehicle data, face data, geographic information data and RFID data. Secondly, it changes the original passive investigation methods: as the time on obtaining information is greatly ahead of the previous one, the investigation time is brought forward, thus changing the passive method into an active one. Thirdly, it deploys, controls and commands the mobile scenes, avoiding the disorder and repetition of the site. Fourthly, it uses data to rebuild the scene, making higher investigation mobility and more accurate research and judgment.

This August, a serial killing occurred in a county of Yichun, Jiangxi Province. The suspect hided in the forest of a mountain, and the complex environment caused great obstacles to investigation. In this case, the Video Investigation 2.0 played an important role in tracing and arresting the suspect, fully showing its value in actual combats.

At present, the Video Investigation 2.0 serves 13 provincial clients and 39 municipal clients nationwide. In the future, with its multi-year accumulation of technology and experience in serving public security, NetPosa will deeply explore technologies and provide scientific support for public security organ on fighting crimes and maintaining social harmony and stability.

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