Physical Security Information Management Platform


The Physical Security Information Management Platform, applied in industries like intelligent building, finance, rail transit and justice, integrates the interface, data, signal and business of each sub-system by extracting key information of public security sub-systems such as intelligent video analysis system, access control system, alarm system, electronic patrol system, perimeter protection system, intercom system, broadcast system, fire control system and information release system, that is, intelligent linkage and concentrated management between sub-systems will be achieved on the uniform platform.

Focusing on user experience, the platform provides strong, flexible and comprehensive security and protection management solution. The traditional software only has the function of image monitoring, while this platform enables convenient business operation only with a gentle finger sliding by means of multi-touch technology, which is easy to operate, pragmatic and effective; by means of multiple intelligent management, it enables standard and automatic management of daily affairs; through seamless connection with the user’s comprehensive business management platform, it incorporates information technology into the business data.


1.Video monitoring

In order to assist the management personnel in better understanding the overall state and conducting command and dispatch, the system supports dual-screen and multi-screen display; the real-time video division display supports 36 types of window display method at the maximum, supports playback of historical videos and synchronous playback; besides, it also supports dozens of intelligent analysis algorithms including regional intrusion and article abandon. 

2.Access control monitoring

The passage information of all personnel is obtained, to support operations such as opening/closing the door, and normal open/close; and the passage information is received in real time, the information of the person swiping the card is monitored, and the abnormal alarm information is monitored; configuration of the access control patrol task is encouraged. 

3.Electronic patrol 

The key patrol information of the patrol personnel is recorded, and task configuration and patrol inspection are encouraged, to prevent omissions during the patrol. 

4.Intrusion alarm 

The intelligent video analysis, intercom monitoring, emergency button, perimeter infrared correlation, access control event, fire control alarm, and wireless alarm, etc., are accessed; alarm partition (sub-system) and deployment & control and disarming in the garrison area are encouraged; it allows setup of alarm emergency plan, key emergency disposal points, and consultation of historical alarm events and relevant video records. 

5.Three-dimensional model building

The Virtual Reality technology is applied to construct 3D simulation models for spatial information such as architectural form and geographic form, so as to recover the authenticity of real scenarios as far as possible, and enhance the perception of the site. 

6.Police emergency linkage

Information data interaction between systems is established, and the system will automatically enforce the emergency plan based on the degree of the emergency. 

7.Dynamic environment monitoring system

Real-time data information such as operation parameters and operation status of the equipment will be displayed through dynamic graphic interface, which supports IT devices such as precise air conditioner, server, exchanger and UPS. Intercom broadcast: accessing IP digital stream broadcast and intercom system, to enable media play on the platform.


1.Scenario-based business operation

Multi-level map navigation model is provided, to display the operation status of different devices in each system in a scenario-based and dynamic way, so that the operator will be able to go through video browsing, visualized intercom and access control swiftly on the map in light of the design concept of scenario-based display. 

2.Touch-type interaction experience

The multi-touch technology is applied to get rid of the traditional operation mode that uses mouse and keyboard; multi-point or multi-user interaction operation mode will be achieved through different gestures, and all necessary information will be displayed immediately only with a gentle sliding, thus it is practical and can be operated easily. 

3.In-depth system integration

The video monitoring sub-system, alarm sub-system, access control sub-system, electronic patrol sub-system, intelligent analysis sub-system, entrance/exit control sub-system, and fire control sub-system, etc., are integrated. The system is compatible to more than twenty mainstream access control systems and a dozen alarm systems, which is able to meet the extension demand of the comprehensive security and protection system. 

4.Flexible linkage mechanism

Information data interaction, alarm linkage response and automatic emergency implementation among systems are achieved, for example: alarm for each video channel and alarm channel during the whole day or a certain period of time can be configured, to enable flexible combination of alarm conditions and alarm events. When the alarm information is introduced, linkage of alarm and actions (storage, presetting bit, alarm display and emergency plan implementation) can be achieved, accompanied with audible and visual alarm, short message notice, email notice and client notice, etc.

5.Diversified intelligent application

The platform integrates multiple intelligent analysis technologies, including car plate snapshot identification technology, face snapshot identification technology, crowd detection technology, video quality diagnosis technology etc., which makes the security and protection events known and disposed in a timely manner by turning passive monitoring into active monitoring. 

6.Standardized working process

The daily backlogs will be notified to the user at a schedule time, to remind them of their daily work, completely eradicate safety hazards caused by neglect, and provide effective intelligent tool for standardized management.

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