NetPosa Officially Joins the MIT CSAIL Alliance

Recently, Mr. Liu Guang, Chairman of NetPosa Technologies Co., Ltd. (NetPosa), signed the agreement with Prof. Daniela Rus, Dean of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL), becoming the full member of the MIT CSAIL Alliance. For now, members of the Alliance include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco and other global tech giants.

Unexpected meeting between oriental wisdom and western science

The MIT CSAIL is the largest multi-discipline joint lab of the MIT, covering 5 colleges, 11 departments and 115 chief researchers. It currently has more than 700 ongoing projects spanning across robot, artificial intelligence, big data and other fields. In the past decades, CSAIL has produced many renowned tech companies, such as iRobot and Lotus Development Corporation. The MIT CSAIL hopes to bring more changes to the ways of people’s life and work through continuous innovation in information science.

As a leading expert on video management and application solutions in China, NetPosa has started to develop towards artificial intelligence and the world after more than 10 years of accumulation. Its accession to the Alliance can be seen as a combination of Chinese and western elements: both sides will engage in in-depth cooperation in robot, big data and artificial intelligence and jointly seek to realize the producibility and commercialization of the scientific payoffs of the MIT CSAIL, especially the implementation of applications closely linked to the Chinese market.

NetPosa’s journey of discovering artificial intelligence

As a technological firm with globalized vision, NetPosa established a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2015 to specialize in the research & development of technologies and products in the fields of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot; it also made investments in JIBO, a company founded by Cynthia Breazeal, a famous professor of the MIT Media Lab, and Knightscope, a Silicon Valley-based company engaging in intelligent security and protection robot.

NetPosa has always remained open when exploring into the field of artificial intelligence. It is committed to providing intelligential and warm technological products for people through self-innovation, cooperation with top-notch world labs and other means. Making products the family members of people’s life and right arm of people’s work, rather than cold intelligent machines is behind its intention of joining the MIT CSAIL.

NetPosa’s exploration in the fields of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot coincides with China’s Development Plan for the Robotics Industry. Three ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently issued the Development Plan for the Robotics Industry (2016-2020), which makes clear that the 13th Five-year Plan period is a key period for the development of the robotics industry in China and puts forward a series of plans for developing service robots.

Against such a macro background, together with the capital advantage of the listed company, cooperation and forward-looking globalized horizon of leading research & development teams both at home and abroad, NetPosa’s road of exploring into artificial intelligence is full of infinite possibilities.

Mr. Liu Guang, Chairman of NetPosa, said that “we hope to transform the world’s cutting-edge technologies to entities that serve the society, industries and families through industry-college-research cooperation, so as to create real value for users’ beautiful life.”

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