The “National Standard” for Evaluating the Cloud Service Ability Released, and NetPosa’s Private Cloud Passes the Basic-level Identification

Recently, the Information Technology Service Society of the Chinese Electronics Standardization Association (the ITSS for short) officially released the list of enterprises receiving the certificate of conformity with the evaluation on cloud service ability. NetPosa successfully passed the basic-level identification of the evaluation on private cloud ability, demonstrating its strong strength in the field of cloud service.

The ITSS works under the joint guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC), and formulates the standards for information technology services. It seeks to ensure that the standards serve technological and industrial development as well as market demands, and finally realize the standardization and internationalization of China’s information technology services.


Under the guidance of the Department of Information Technology and Software Services, the evaluation on the cloud computing service ability is carried out by the ITSS together with the China Software Test Center and other third party organizations. This year, the ITSS organized and convened the expert review meeting on the evaluation on cloud service ability from June 21 to 22, 2017. The expert review meeting issued the certificate of conformity with the evaluation on cloud service ability to enterprises meeting the results of the evaluation basis – General Requirements for the Operation of Information Technology, Cloud Computing and Cloud Services (National Standard), which is designed to regulate the cloud computing service market and propel the overall standard upgrading of the cloud computing service industry in China.


During the test process, third party evaluation institutions conducted all-round appraisals on the key factors of NetPosa for cloud service ability, such as personnel, resources, procedures and technologies, and carried out meticulous function and performance test on the platform and software supporting the cloud service ability. After strict platform test, document review, personnel interview and other procedures on-the-spot, NetPosa successfully passed all evaluation items.


This shows that the identification of the evaluation on cloud service ability is a full affirmation of the overall strength of NetPosa’s cloud computing. Going forward, NetPosa will continuously promote the application of advanced technologies and elevate user value.






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