NetPosa Is Successfully Included into the Catalogue of Protocol Goods Supply of Central Government (2017-2018)

Recently, issued the Notice of Invitation for Bids related to the “Protocol Supply and Procurement of IT Products of Central Government” (2017-2018), and all products bid by NetPosa (4 servers and 7 storage devices) were selected, marking that NetPosa has realized further entrenchment and improvement in its influence on the government procurement market and its brand value, and foreboding that NetPosa is gradually recognized by the wider market.

For long, central government procurement (“central procurement” for short) has been a place of strategic importance for all manufacturers, and the central procurement platform covers all central commissions, offices and agencies and reaches out to the procurement centers of different provinces and cities across China. Central procurement is highly demanding for product performance, quality, price, after-sales service and corporate strength, among other aspects, and the access threshold is rather high. Entrance to the protocol goods supply and procurement of central government is indicative of the influence and strength of a manufacturer, so NetPosa’s success in this respect is a high recognition and continuous affirmation of NetPosa brand by the highest administrative organ of China.

The selected product model numbers of NetPosa includes 4 servers with the model numbers of PVG Server 3806, 4806, 5806 ad NODE and all of the 7 storage devices, namely NP-NVR5324, 5324-E, PVG Server PFS, NP-ICS7114, 7116, 7124 and 7136, covering all product lines of servers and storage devices.

Going forward, NetPosa will continue to increase investment in product research & development as well as industrialization, and make constant attempts to realize the producibility of cutting-edge technologies in the world, thereby creating greater value for its clients and the society.

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