NetPosa’s Video Surveillance Management Platform Ranks First in Terms of Market Share

Recently, IHS, an authoritative market survey institute in the world, released the IHS Markit Video Surveillance Intelligence Service 2017-2018 version, which made public the ranks of market share in the global video surveillance market and segments in 2016. Please join us and witness the good results achieved by NetPosa.

The latest data released by IHS showed that NetPosa ranks first in China and the third in the world in terms of the market share of Video Management Software (VMS). When it comes to the entire field of video surveillance device, NetPosa also retains its leading position in China.


NetPosa ranks first in the market share of VMS in China in 2016.



Source: IHS Markit Video Surveillance Intelligence Service 2017-2018 version



Netpose ranks the third in the market share of VMS in the world in 2016.

Source: IHS Markit Video Surveillance Intelligence Service 2017-2018 version

This achievement is closely linked to the users’ recognition on NetPosa’s products and services, and is also indispensible from NetPosa’s efforts over the years, including making constant technological innovation, improving product system, tapping into the demands of industrial users and improving user experience. Mr. Zhao Yongjun, President of NetPosa, said that in the security and protection AI era, NetPosa will fulfill the mission of “Building Public Security Horizon” (Horizon = Video + IoT + AI), enhance investment in the research & development and industrialization of deep learning, video structuralization, and AI intelligent camera in the world, and NetPosa expects to become the world’s leading manufacturer in the artificial intelligence field in the next decade.


NetPosa is always a running youngster on the road of growth.



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